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What I'm Doing Now

This is a now page, last updated March 31 2024.


Years ago I moved my web presence to as I gained a professional reputation and wanted a place to link to my work and “professional” writing. Over time I found it really restrictive, and recently decided to spend time earnestly working on a web presence where I can be myself.

I like building silly things: sometimes to learn or practice a skill, sometimes just to take a bit just a bit too far.

I also want to write some more experimental stuff that I don’t want to lend my professional name to.

So that led to the creation of this site, hopefully to engage with other people creating interesting things on the internet, and to encourage me to do/release more of this kind of work.


I am teaching a new class for the first time right now, which is proving to be very rewarding and challenging.

I wasn’t a teacher, but in what has been a pretty surreal two years I was basically asked to come teach people how to do the kind of work I did for 15+ years.

After a bit of time teaching classes others had written (with my own twist of course), I am getting to create a new class based on my experiences.


Winter has had me searching for more hobbies that don’t involve a computer or being outside.

I’ve been playing around with paint. Oil and goauche so far.

It is my first time holding a paintbrush in decades, and I’m of course not any “good” at it, but maybe I’ll post some stuff. Psuedoanonymity is liberating.