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Things I’m working on, or considering working on.

human curation
# is an experiment I started in December.

Figuring out what I want this to become is my next project, I have two concepts, one that makes putting these together easier (submission form, newsletter tool, etc.) but I am also thinking about how to make it lower barrier for people to contribute.

game ideas

3 generations

I really want to write a game as imagined in 8, 16, 32-bit eras.

Probably NES, SNES, then some PSX/N64 style graphics and aesthetics.

behind the veil

I learned to code because I was messing around with game memory to give myself extra lives/etc. and 20+ years later here I am.

I’d love to work on a game that encouraged the same kind of tinkering, I think it’d essentially be a VM with a game running in it, where the game was impossible to beat without messing with the memory.

Making this work in a fun way seems like something I’d need to disappear into a cabin for a year to figure out.

other ideas

I have no ability to ever execute on these, but if you do, take them:

seatbelt lights

I really wish seatbelts had little LEDs in the buckle. How many times in the backseat of a car are you fishing for the seatbelt? Have the light trigger when someone is in the seat and the belt isn’t clipped.

Want to get fancy? Different colors per seat means no more “oh I think you grabbed mine.”

heist room

Like an escape room meets dinner theatre/laser tag.

I want to climb into the “back of a van” with friends, go over the plan on the way, and be let out into a simulated bank/casino heist situation.