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ampm Presents: TOOMGIS in The Rise of TOOMGIS

In an era when it wasn’t uncommon to see Domino’s Noid on the NES, or the original Tapper slinging Budweiser, Yoyodyne figured they’d get in on the commercial game craze too. Of course, few companies felt safe in the hands of an unproven firm. That left Yoyodyne developing spec prototypes for some unusual clients that weren’t already pursuing their own games.

I found a gem under a stack of prototype copies of Super Lehman Bros., Exxon Valdez Eco Adventure, and Rax Stax (apparently a roast-beef themed puzzle game).

This one could have been an inspiration for Katamari Damacy since it was definitely created decades earlier. We have the titular TOOMGIS, the garbage-pile mascot of the ampm chain, rolling through three thrilling levels growing ever-larger.

ampm Presents: TOOMGIS in The Rise of TOOMGIS


You guide TOOMGIS to collect junk food and avoid stinky healthy food.

  • X - Jump
  • Z - Shred Guitar
  • Right arrow - Increases speed, as does picking up food.

Don’t Miss

  • Some definitely-unlicensed cameos on the win/lose screens.
  • Something very… special happens in the third level.

P.S. If you aren’t familiar with TOOMGIS, here he is in his modern form: